My First Weekly Photo Challenge Post (and I didn’t even take the photo)


As someone who LOVES to take pictures, I have been dying to try my hand at the The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  Each week I check out the challenge page and then look for appropriate photo ops as I go about my daily activities.  But nothing seemed to click (pun intended), until this week.  Then it happened.  This picture right here.


It was taken at Sea World Orlando.  And for me, it is the embodiment of this week’s theme, Transition.  Here’s why:

  1. We went from a comfortable 65+ degree environment outdoors to a cold 32 degree environment indoors with the penguins.  Though I should have realized it was coming, I found it a surprising transition.
  2. The penguins were so much fun to watch as they zipped in and out of the water!  One little guy climbed to the top of a ledge and dipped his head down in preparation to dive in.  At the last possible moment he seemed to change his mind, and waddled backwards.  It looked for a second as if he might slip in anyway.  And I wondered, was he afraid of the transition?
  3. Our Mowgli took this picture with our old point-and-shoot camera that’s older than he is.  Lately he’s been exercising more independence, which is as it should be as he grows and matures.  As his mom, I feel a tension.  Sometimes I long for the boy he was, but I’m so proud of the boy he is now, and I’m excited for the boy (and man) he’ll become.  I think it will always be a difficult transition for me.


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3 thoughts on “My First Weekly Photo Challenge Post (and I didn’t even take the photo)

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