I Spied an Eye

It was a gray day in February.  I think it was a Sunday afternoon.  Hubs, Mowgli, and I had decided it would be fun to get some fresh air out on one of the local trails.  I hadn’t rollerbladed in awhile, but it didn’t take me long to get into a good rhythm.

I was gliding along completely lost in my own thoughts, when suddenly I was jerked out of my inner world by the realization that I had just gone over something spray-painted on the asphalt.  Because of my direction of travel it had been upside down when I’d rolled over it; and by now I’d gone several yards past it.  Curious, I looped back for a better look.

Open Your Eyes


Not the best artistry, but good advice, I thought.  The sky was gray, but the weather was pleasant.  Cool, not really cold, with a refreshing breeze.  The trail was one of our favorites.  Not too far from our home, well-traveled (read: safe), but somewhat scenic with wooded areas on both sides, friendly wildlife (song birds, squirrels, and rabbits), and even a bridge crossing a creek.  I remembered the yoga classes I’d taken.  The instructors always encouraged us to “be mindful” and “present”.  To pay attention to what we were experiencing during that exact moment in class.  That’s what I need to be doing now, I thought.  I need to really notice what’s around me and enjoy the here and now rather than get caught up in my own head.  So I took a quick pic (of course!) and then set off again, thankful for the chance to spend this time outdoors as a family and determined to take it all in.

Sometimes wisdom comes from unexpected places, I pondered.

After fifty, maybe a hundred yards, I went over this.



Not just any eye, but a creepy, almost sinister-looking eye.  It began to dawn on me that maybe the graffiti artist hadn’t intended the meaning that I’d attributed to his words.  A second pic and I got back to rollerblading.

Another couple hundred yards down the trail I found this.

Big Brother


The larger picture had finally become clear.  The graffiti had most likely been made by some bored kid.  (I mean, conspiracy theorists don’t really go around spray-painting bike trails, do they?)  Had I been traveling in the opposite direction on the trail, I would have understood the artist’s message right away.  Instead, God used it to get my attention, draw me out of myself, and refocus my thoughts on Him and the beauty of His creation.

Posted in response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy.

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