Allergies Bite

WordPress tells me I haven’t posted in a month.

It’s because I’ve been struggling with some health problems.  After several rounds of testing, the verdict is that I have lousy genetics to overcome and need to make some major lifestyle changes.  I now have no choice.  I must manage my stress better.  Ha!  Tell that to Mowgli’s allergies.

He started weekly allergy shots back in January, and had done really well with them.  No reactions.  Until today.  Twenty minutes or so after his shot, ten minutes before the office was scheduled to close, a big, ugly, red hive appeared on his arm.  A quick check by the nurse and we were ushered into an exam room, Mowgli was given a dose of an antihistamine, and we all waited for twenty more minutes to see what would happen.  The hive got larger, but no new ones appeared and no new symptoms showed themselves, so we were allowed to go home with instructions to make sure that we come for his shots at least one hour before closing from here on out.  Oh, yeah, and if he complains of his throat feeling tight or problems breathing, if he starts coughing or wheezing, we’re to use his Epi-pen and call 911.

Mowgli’s been in bed asleep for over a couple of hours now, but I’m finding it impossible to sleep myself, even after a brisk forty-five minute walk and prayer time.  So I’m just going to leave this here on the blog, hoping that doing so will alleviate some of these negative emotions that are plaguing me tonight.


2 thoughts on “Allergies Bite

  1. I have a hard time putting my son (who has allergies) down to sleep after he’s had a reaction. I will admit I’ve had nightmares about what might happen. In the end, I still worry, but I am slowly but surely trusting in God, reminding myself that in spite of all the times my son has been exposed to his allergies, God has kept him alive. I also allow myself to check on him often after a reaction, we cuddle more and maybe watch more TV on those days, just so I can keep him close. I hope your health problems can be resolved.

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    • Thank you so much, Beth. You are right, it all comes back to me needing to trust God more fully. I’m trying to live in the truth of 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, but it’s hard sometimes.

      We do the same thing after a reaction–we spend extra time together reading, snuggling, watching TV. I started blogging this past fall in an effort to process what I’m experiencing and maybe connect with other parents who are experiencing the same things. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.

      Blessings, Christina


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