Turn It Teal – Day 1

Today is Mother’s Day, as well as the first day of FARE’s Food Allergy Awareness Week.  The theme for the week is “React with Respect.”

To help celebrate, Live From the Playroom has come up with a fun photo challenge.  Today the instructions are to “share a picture of you or something you’ve done to go above or beyond for your child.”  This may sound strange coming from someone who blogs, but this challenge is difficult for me.  I’m not one who usually self-promotes.  And all of the moms I know go above and beyond for their children, whether or not they have food allergies.  Still, I’ll give it a shot.

Here’s a picture Mowgli took of me this winter when we vacationed in Chattanooga.  Of course, I was carrying the backpack that contains the Epi-pens, antihistamine, saline nose drops, lubricant eye drops, hydrocortisone cream, Kleenex, hand wipes, and Mowgli-safe snacks.

Me in Chattanooga

One of the ways I help keep our son (who has multiple food allergies) safe is by being extra-careful about which personal care products I use.  Shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, facial moisturizer, body lotion, deodorant, cosmetics, sunscreen…the list goes on and on…so many of them these days contain food or chemicals derived from food in an effort to be “natural”.  I get the appeal.  But it makes it tough for me to find products that are safe for me to use.  My husband can attest that I’ve never been particularly “high-maintenance”, but as I get older I find myself feeling more self-conscious about my appearance and wishing that I didn’t have to be so careful about what I use.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  I wouldn’t trade my sminkles!

One way I celebrated Mother’s Day was by taking the time to paint my nails teal.  We’ve had beautiful weather here all weekend, and I had a lovely time just sitting outdoors this evening.  I’m hoping that my brightly colored nails will lead to several conversations this week that will help others to be more understanding of those of us dealing with food allergies.  Will you join me and #TurnItTeal?

Teal Toenails

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